Shareholder Services

Shareholders Communication Policy

In order to enable shareholders to exercise their rights in an informed manner and allow them to engage actively with CMMB Vision, the Company established Investor Relations specifically to ensure that shareholders are provided with ready, equal and timely access to balanced and understandable information about the Company.

Attention:  Company Secretary and Investor Relations Director

CMMB Vision Holdings Limited

Unit 1211, Level 12, Core F, Cyberport 3

100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong


Tel:  852-2159-3366

Fax:  852-2159-3399

Corporate Communication Requests

Corporate Communications refers to any document issued or to be issued by the Company for the information of action of holders of any of its securities, including, but not limited to, the director's report, annual accounts together with a copy of the auditor's report, the interim report, a notice of meeting, a listing document, a circular and a proxy form.

Proxy Form

Please request proxy form for Annual General Meeting by contacting us above.

Registered Shareholders

Registered shareholders may notify CMMB Vision's registrar in writing:

Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited

17M Floor, Hopewell Center

183 Queen's Road East, Wanchai

Hong Kong

Tel: 852-2862-8555

Fax: 852-2865-0990 and 852-2529-6087


(1) Change their choice of language or means of receiving Corporate Communications or

(2) Request to receive Corporate Communications in printed form.

Non-Registered Shareholders

For non-registered shareholders whose shares in CMMB Vision are held through a broker or custodian and kept in The Central Clearing and Settlement System (CCASS) and who have requested to receive the Corporate Communications through Hong Kong Clearing Company Limited from time to time, a notification together will be sent to them whenever a Corporate Communication is issued. If a non-registered shareholder wished to receive a printed copy of the Corporate Communication, he/she should request in writing to our registrar who will send a printed copy of such document to him/her. The preference of a non-registered shareholder who has opted for receiving printed copies will be recorded and such instruction will be applicable to all future Corporate Communications until such time when he/she ceases to hold shares in CMMB Vision or he/she notifies our registrar in writing of the change.

Replacement of Lost Share Certificates

A share certificate issued by CMMB Vision is a proof of the shareholder's title to shares in the Company. If a shareholder lost any share certificate, he/she should report to the Company's registrar and apply for the issue of a replacement share certificate as soon as possible. A replacement share certificate will be issued subject to the fulfillment of such conditions as to evidence and provision of indemnity as the Company may consider appropriate, as well as payment of the scrip fee and relevant administration costs involved.

Pursuant to the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622 of the Laws of the Hong Kong), CMMB Vision is required to publish notices in specified form before replacement of lost certificates, which include, among other things, a Notice of Intention to Issue New Share Certificates, and a Notice of Cancellation of Original Share Certificate and Issue of New Certificate on its website. Shareholders may refer to the aforesaid notices set out below:

(1) Notices of Intention to Issue New Share Certificates (made pursuant to section 164(1) of the Companies Ordinance) and

(2) Notices of Cancellation of Original Share Certificate and Issue of New Certificate (made pursuant to section 166(1) of the Companies Ordinance).