CMMB Vision Holdings Limited

CMMB Vision Holdings Limited (Converged™ Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Vision or CMMB Vision) is a multiple award winning Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board Listed (0471.HK) investment holdings company whose subsidiaries and associates are engaging in the provision of satellite mobile multimedia services, free-to-air digital TV broadcasting, and general trading of printed circuit board (PCB) components.

Satellite Mobile Multimedia

Through its strategic ownership in Silkwave Holdings, the Company provides multimedia services to connected-cars and mobile devices. Silkwave is world’s first connected-car multimedia operator. It uses groundbreaking satellite-LTE Converged™ technology to deliver mobile audio-video digital entertainment, telematics data, and Internet services. Its services can target vehicles, boats, trains, mobile devices with unprecedented economies of scale and ubiquity. Its infrastructure includes world’s only L-band mobile broadcast satellite that covers China, Southeast Asia, and India and can simultaneously service billions of users in the region.

Silkwave’s primary business and market is providing mobile multimedia to connected smart cars in China, world’s largest vehicle market with 295 million growing to 400 million by 2025. In China, Silkwave has developed full-fledged local partnership, operating platform, and ecosystem support. Its XingYun multimedia solution App is in the process of being adopted as the industry standard for future Chinese cars and is ready for commercial deployment by 2018. Business and revenue models will include service activation fee, subscription, advertising, and value-added services.

Silkwave is also developing markets in India and Indonesia with local partners, where it will leverage the technology ecosystem in China to quickly expand business to the region with speed and scalability.

Free-To-Air Digital TV Broadcasting

Through its subsidiaries the company owns a portfolio of twelve low-power TV (LPTV) ultra high frequency (UHF) station capacity rights in major cities of the US and offers free-to-air terrestrial digital TV broadcasting services with over 80+ channels. These cities include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Tampa and Richmond. With the new US digital TV standard ATSC 3.0 coming in place, the company expects to evolve to more diversified multimedia and data broadcasting services to TV households and mobile users.

Printed Circuit Board Trading

The company maintains a printed circuit board (PCB) trading business from its historical operations. The business buys and sells PCB components for mobile and portable electronic devices. It expects in the future the business will expand to include components of satellite multimedia terminals and devices while facilitating their OEM manufacturing and market distribution.