What we do

CMMB Vision’s patented technology utilizes one-to-many mobile broadcasting methods to deliver Internet data to vehicles and mobile users just like free-to-air TV – delivering programming to mass-market viewers, without data limits and without streaming costs. CMMB Vision amplifies that with a powerful geostationary satellite transmitting with 40 MHz of the most desirable mobile radio spectrum L-band to achieve vast coverage of the service over unlimited numbers of users. The system further integrates with existing cellular networks for converged and interactive services to form a new-generation holistic “Internet-plus” delivery platform, which can exponentially expand Internet delivery in scale and in scope. Users can now readily access a vast array of content including live-TV/audio channels, thousands of movies, videos, songs, and games automatically streamed to them from the Cloud without the bottlenecks, download delays, and data charges typical of terrestrial mobile networks via the CMMB satellite-broadcasting network, which at the same time seamlessly integrates with existing mobile network services wherever available and required. Countless new applications requiring big-data, real-time interactive access, and ubiquitous/universal coverage will now be possible, enabling billions of people whether in bandwidth-stricken urban cities or remote and underdeveloped areas to be connected to modern Internet services.

The Company has developed end-to-end infrastructure to support these services. Through AsiaStar, CMMB Vision has the only mobile broadcasting geostationary satellite covering China, Asia, and India, reaching 4.4 billion people and operating with 40 MHz of owned L-band spectrum. A recent valuation report appraised the L-band spectrum in China alone at USD 3.3 billion. AsiaStar will be superseded by a next-generation state-of-the-art Boeing satellite, which is expected to launch in Q2 2018, with a 100-fold increase in transmission power. CMMB Silkwave has developed the OFDM-based CMMB (Converged Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) protocol that integrates satellite reception with 3G/LTE function for unified broadcast-telecom connectivity. Together they form the CMMB platform, which bypasses the conventional mobile network and is capable of streaming massive IP data content to an infinite number of user devices over vast geographical regions and supports unlimited users simultaneously, while seamlessly integrating with existing mobile cellular services. CMMB Vision has also acquired Dish Network’s affiliate, Dish-HD Asia to complete the service platform with turnkey capabilities. It has also assembled a management team comprising principal developers for OFDMA-LTE, WiMax, and TD-SCDMA and seasoned industry professionals.