Vision & Mission

CMMB Vision is developing to be the next-generation convergent mobile service provider. Its mission is to deliver big data and multimedia services to every consumer mobile and edge devices anytime anywhere with unprecedented speed, scale, low-cost, and universal connectivity through its proprietary broadcast-unicast convergent mobile technology and satellite and terrestrial integrated infrastructure.

Consumers can now enjoy smooth, seamless and virtually unlimited data downloading and streaming without anymore traffic disruption, bandwidth bottleneck, and runaway data charges of the conventional cellular network. And a new era of innovative, intelligent, and personalized services tailored to the Mobile Internet Era will be springing up to deliver unprecedented satisfaction to our daily life.

The convergent platform presents a whole new way for efficient and salable end-to-end mobile data delivery.

The company plans partner with existing service operators to provide following services:

Typical services

  • Universal Mobile Entertainment and Information Services
  • Ubiquitous Vehicular Info-Multimedia (autos, ships, planes)
  • Public Services: Remote Digital Education, Public Infrastructure Monitoring, National Emergency Alerts Services
  • End-to-end Content Delivery and Offload Solutions for OTT and Telecom Operators.