Vision and Mission

CMMB Vision is the world’s first satellite direct-to-mobile (DTM) multimedia broadcaster. We deliver Cloud-based video, audio entertainment and data services to vehicles and mobile devices that is data-free, abundant, and ubiquitous.

Our network consists of two proprietary L-band geo-broadcasting satellites covering across China, Asia, India, Middle East, Africa, and Southern Europe to a total 70% of the world, 140 countries, 6 billion people, 1 billion cars as well as groundbreaking OFDM-based broadcast-unicast convergent technology, together they form our holistic satellite-LTE platform capable of delivering high-quality mobile digital content with unprecedented economies of scale and universal access.

We are deploying services in China for connected-vehicles, where we have formed government joint-venture, deployed national satellite-4G convergent network, developed M-Box as the in-car multimedia standard with robust ecosystem support, and we are expecting to launch commercial services soon with auto partners.

Parallel to China, we expect to expand services with our turnkey solutions to other countries such as India and Africa (i.e., the One-Belt-One-Road), where we will initially deploy free-to-air mobile TV and mobile education services.

Our mission is to provide free mobile media entertainment and information to everyone everywhere weather in-car, on-the-move, in-home, or at-the-edge. Our goal is become the world’s largest mobile multimedia service provider by coverage, user, content, and revenue.