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CMMB Vision's Alliance in China - Global Vision Media Holdings

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     Our Partner in China - Telematics Industry Application Alliance (TIAA)

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Global Vision Media Holdings Co., Ltd. (Global Vision) is CMMB Vision's China strategic alliance. Established in January 2016, CMMB Vision partnered with Global Vision along with TIAA plus China Radio International and is committed to the development of a new international media platform, an important part of the automobile and transportation unit.

Global Vision relIes on CMMB Vision's unique satellite infrastructure resources and full-media business platform resources, makes full use of "Internet +" satellite technology integration advantages, is committed to creating "One-Belt-One-Road" satellite mobile multimedia broadcasting network, providing media, information entertainment, information in one of the high-quality mobile multimedia information services, and based on satellite intercontinental coverage, covering China and the "one side along the way" along the country and regional air information platform for the car, ship, airborne and other mobile groups. Global Vision enterprises to provide efficient and stable integration of media information services to meet all kinds of mobile terminals anytime, anywhere access to massive content and large amounts of information on rigid demand, help cross-regional space infrastructure applications, assist in spreading the culture of China internationally.

Strategic Partnership with Telematic Industry Application Alliance (TIAA): Through the Global Vision joint venture company, we have entered into a strategic partnership with China’s largest connected-car alliance, TIAA, with 500 members strong, comprising major car-makers, network operators, ecosystem providers, and government ministries, and are leading its connected-car multimedia group to develop and promote applications and services for in-car telematics and entertainment, utilizing satellite as the primary nationwide delivery network. Such efforts will give us an extremely effective Business-to-Business platform to proliferate our connected-car multimedia services in China.

CMMB Vision and Global Vision provide:

Beidou – L-Band Data Integration
• M-Box
• Conditional Access
• AsiaStar L- band satellite network
• Content expertise
• Global experience
Government Alliances and TIAA members include:
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)Click here for the website -
Ministry of Transport Standardization Administration - Click here for the website -
State Administration for Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and TV (SAPPRFT) - Click here for the website -
China Internet and Information Center - Click here for the website -
• Commissions for Standardization
• OEM-Carmakers
• Chip-makers
• Vehicle Software Suppliers
• Telecommunications, Internet, and Media Providers
Connected-Car Electronic Device Makers:
(1) Desai Xiwei Auto Electronics
(2) Datang Instrument Technology
(3) Hang Sheng Electronics
(4) Yixin Science and Technology
(5) Xiamen Yaxun Network
(6) Shanghai Botai Yueqin Electronic Equipment
(7) TSP / Yuante
(8) Dianke Xintian
(9) Huayan Tongyong
(10) Shanghai Botai Equipment
(11) Qiming Information
Our China Car Partnerships:

Our four top China Car partnerships represent over 50% of all the new cars produced from China, which includes taxi manufacturers.
(1) Changan - Click here for our partnership website -
(2) China FAW Group Corporation - Click here for our partnership website -
(3) Hong Qi - Click here for our partnership website -
(4) Foton - Click here for our partnership website -