Strategy & Development

Launch of services is initially planned in China to achieve commercial scalability, followed by expansion of the business ecosystem regionally and globally. Current initiatives include:

  • Jump-Start Connected-Car Services in China: In the future, we are planning to initially provide digital video,radio, and data services for vehicles in China to cater to the untapped market of 162 million cars – growing by 25 million new car additions per year – starting with after-market vehicles and then OEM auto-makers. Services will comprise live-radio, video, and Internet broadcasting bundled with value-added services.


  • Strategic Partnership with Telematic Industry Application Alliance (“TIAA”): Through a joint venture company, we have entered into a strategic partnership with China’s largest connected-car alliance, TIAA, comprising major car-makers, network operators, ecosystem providers, and government ministries, and are leading its connected-car multimedia group to develop and promote applications and services for in-car telematics and entertainment, utilizing satellite as the primary nationwide delivery network. Such efforts will give us an extremely effective B-to-B platform to proliferate our connected-car multimedia services in China.


  • Satellite-4G Convergent Network: We are planning to deploy the world’s first Satellite-4G Convergent Network with a well known mobile operator in China, for dedicated nationwide connected-car network service coverage.


  • 10-Year National Development Project: As our project supports multiple government strategic development initiatives, it has been designated as part of China’s 10-Year National Development Project, and as such is expected to enjoy political and financial assistance from the State to benefit our development.


  • Commercial Trial: We are planning to start commercial trials in 2016 and launch a full service in 2019 to coincide with the new Silkwave-1 satellite coming online.


  • Government Mandate: Coinciding with our launch is China’s mandatory switching from an analogue radio standard to a digital standard, which puts us in a unique position of leveraging the mandate to quickly deploy digital radio services for all new vehicles in China as a first-mover


  • Other Services: Following vehicles, and with the new satellite being in place in 2019, we plan to launch mobile TV and entertainment for China’s 1.37 billion consumers, and value-added data services for enterprises.

One-Belt-One-Road global deployment
Following a successful China launch, we will extend services to other Asian markets by leveraging the existing satellite infrastructure and low-cost ecosystem support as well as China’s “Silk Road Initiatives”, under which China will provide significant financial and economic resources to neighboring countries for development along the ancient “Silk Road” trade route that stretches from Asia to Africa and Europe. With our airwaves already operating over most of the region, we are well poised to benefit from the initiatives to bring modern media and Internet service to Silk Road countries and hone a global franchise.

Platform Advancing Internet - Plus

  • Extend Internet to the edge and reach everyone to enhance information access and productivity
  • CMMB satellite offers ubiquitous and nationwide government essential services and in exchange government is to promote CMMB chipsets to be installed in future devices as a standard 

Platform for One-Belt-One-Road

  • China’s global strategy to help countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa regions (Silk Road and maritime trade route) to develop modern transportation, information, and economic infrastructure so as to stimulate trade and cultural exchange
  • CMMB is the only mobile infrastructure covering China’s One-Belt-One-Road roadmap and can leverage government resources to extend services while serving as backbone for regional “Information Corridor”