Our Products

CMMB Vision offers several mobile products: 

(1) M-Box - the mobile automobile application customized for a personalized driving audio and video entertainment experience.

M-Box is the connected-car multimedia broadcasting solution:

•  Satellite and 4G data reception

•  Embedded in-car AV system

•  WiFi-share to in-car car-screen and mobile devices

•  Services: TV, radio, in-car movies, navigation, Internet browsing, and data services

With built in dedicated Car Service Video App (“Xingyun”):

•  Touch-screen and Voice–control

•  Downloadable in Android, iOS, and QNS

CAR SERVICE "XINGYUN" VIDEO APP (Click Here to Start Video):

SilkWave Apps

(2) Amego - Amego is the first direct-to-mobile multiuser, multichannel, and multimedia device.  Amego is a mobile router which delivers television, radio, and educational high quality channels to users on the go, using your smart phones, tablets, and smart devices, even to the most remote places.  Amego provides an amazing mobile multimedia experience.  Using the state-of-the-art multiple connections, Amego can cover up to 70% of the world, 140 countries, covering 6 billion people, and 1 billion automobiles.  Everything and everywhere you want to watch, connected to your devices for free - no data charges.

For more information:  www.Amego.TV